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Sar ginen Guåhan

Sar From Guåhan (Guam)

Guåhan (Guam) An Unincorporated Territory of the U.S.

  • Final Project: Para Nånanbiha-hu . For my Grandma.

    16th Aug 2019 by

    Gi tinituhon In the Beginning There was a time when I believed Guam was not a territory. Even if you tried to convince me otherwise.   I truly believed that Guam was a “special state” of the United States for most of my life, for reasons I am still trying to understand. I believed I… Read more

  • Week 6: Self-determination

    14th Aug 2019 by

    How do you think social workers should or should not participate in this discussion?  Do you think NASW Hawai`i should come out in support of one particular position? I am a firm believer that social workers should participate in the discussion of decolonization and self-determination.  The National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics and… Read more

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